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Nouveau Image now at Indulge

Terri Rampone from Nouveau Image  is now partnering with Indulge Salon Shoppe & Spa as a third-party service provider  to deliver world-class permanent makeup services to our Indulge clientele.

Terri is Board Certified and a Diplomat of the American Academy of  Micropigmentation, the organization that regulates and oversees all  industry standards. She trained under the guidance of Rose Marie  Beauchemin of the world famous Beau Institute of Permanent and  Corrective Cosmetics. Terri is also certified from the Beau Institute to  perform Areola Complex and Scar Camouflage through permanent cosmetics.  Terri is certified annually by the Federal OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen  Standard.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic  tattooing that enhances or corrects features in your face or body. Permanent makeup refers to the art and science of applying  pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.  

What Services do Nouveau Image offer?

  • Eyebrows: Using the advanced microblading technique, you can have  full, even eyebrows that look more natural than an eyebrow pencil. This  procedure can add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows.  Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and lend expression to your face.  Those with Alopecia are grateful for this "face defining" procedure.
  • Eyeliner (upper and lower): It can be difficult to get a perfect  line on one eye and then match the other eye, so permanent eyeliner on  the upper eyelid and/or lower eyelid can save you a lot of time and  frustration. Permanent  eyeliner can be anything from a soft haze to a darker more defined  effect. With this   procedure, you always way up looking your best. This  is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, movement, eye  problems, or simply to save time.
  • Lip Liner: If the edges of your lip blur into the surrounding skin,  permanent lip liner can create a defined border that enhances the shape  of your lips and stops lipstick from bleeding or feathering. Permanent  Lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as  correct an uneven lip line. It can even minimize the appearance of  wrinkles. Pigment can create a natural tone or a more visible color.
  • Full Lips: To boost pale lips or ensure that your signature lip  color is always ready, full lip cosmetic tattooing can look great alone  or be changed with lipstick.
  • Areaola Restoration: Areola  Restoration creates color in the areola and nipple area for a more  natural looking breast, correcting the color and circle definition to  provide a more natural look.

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