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Whether you're looking to indulge on your own, with your partner, or  with a group of your closest friends, Indulge Salon Shoppe & Spa has  a spa package that's suitable for you. 

We offer a wide range of spa  services such as rejuvenating facials,  relaxing or therapeutic massages, pampering pedicures and manicures.  Other services our spa offers are: eyelash extensions, eyebrows and eyelashes tiniging, body waxing and, in a partnership with Nouveau  Image, Indulge Salon Shoppe & Spa also offers permanent makeup.

With flexible appointments and a friendly, dedicated staff, Indulge  Salon Shoppe & Spa offers the ideal spa experience for first-timers  and seasoned spa-goers alike. 


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Facials St. Augustine FL, Facials St. Johns FL

Facials & Skin Care

Facials  St. Augustine FL 

Facials St. Johns FL

Massages St. Augustine FL, Massages St. Johns FL


Massage Therapy St. Augustine FL 

Massage Therapy  St. Johns FL

Nail Salon St. Augustine FL, Nail Salon St. John FL


Nail Salon St. Augustine FL  

Nail Salon St. Johns FL

Body Waxing

Body Waxing, Brazilian Wax, Binini Wax, Back Wax and more...

Body Waxing St. Augustine FL, Body Waxing St. Johns FL

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions | Brow & Lash TInt

Want sexier, longer & thicker lashes? Get semi permanent eyelash extensions. 

Want to enhance your lashes and brows? Try Tinting!

Permanent makeup

Nouveau Image is now offering permanent makeup services at Indulge! 


Traditional European/Aromatherapy Facials St. Augustine | St.Johns FL

Facials St. Augustine fl | Facials St. Johns F | Spa St. Augustine FL | Spa St. Johns FL |

$80 - 1hr  |  $55 - 30 min

Suitable for all skin types including dry skin, uneven tone and aging skin and it is a great basic skincare treatment. 

Our Aromatheraphy facial is a Classic European Facial, also commonly called a spa  facial, is a quick, simple, and often very relaxing way to improve and  maintain your skin’s overall appearance, especially if done on a regular  basis. A typical facial involves thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating  the skin, then massaging it to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic  drainage. One or two masks will be applied, followed by toners and  moisturizers appropriate for your skin type.

Anti-Aging Facials St. Augustine | St.Johns FL

Anti Aging Facials St. Augustine fl |Anti Aging Facials St. Johns FL

$95 - 1hr

Ultimate  facial  conditions and nourishes the skin. It employs enzymes to gently  remove impurities, exfoliate and prepare skin to effectively receive  peptides and plant stem cells. 
This  powerful yet lightweight,  luxurious treatment promotes detoxification  and helps the skin build a defense system against environmental toxins.  Using GloTherapeutics Cyto-luxe products which contain ingredients  clinically proven to strengthen the protein bonding structures that work  to tighten the skin. 

Vitamin C Facials St. Augustine | St.Johns FL

Vitamin C Facial St. Agustine FL, Vitamin C Facial St. Johns FL

$95 - 1hr

This  ultimate facial includes Vitamin C serums to revitalize damaged skin  and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

This revolutionary new  collection offers the most effective form of Vitamin C available,  L-Ascorbic Acid, with breakthrough peptides to repair, strengthen, and  protect skin cells resulting in a healthy, youthful-looking complexion.


Microdermabrasion Facial St. Augustine FL | Microdermabrasion Facial St. Johns FL

$100- 75 Min

Microdermabrasion  offers a non-surgical way to freshen and rejuvenate the skin using  a  minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand the skin, removing the  thicker, uneven outer layer.

This  type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring,  discoloration and sun damage.  It uses microparticles, or a  diamond-tipped wand, to slough off the top layer (epidermis) of your  skin and stimulate new skin growth and thicken your collagen, which  results in a younger looking complexion.  

Brightening/Lightening Facial

Brightening Facials St. Augustine FL | Brightening Facial St. Johns FL

$85 -1hr

Designed  to revive the appearance of dull complexions and lighten sun spots on  the skin. Exfoliation lifts hyper pigmentation, enhances penetration and  a high dosage of brighteners is used to treat skin and effectively  address areas of concern. Revives the skin’s appearance and leaves it  looking polished and glowing. 

Men's Facial

Men's Facials St. Augustine FL | Men's Facials St. Johns FL


A deep-cleansing, therapeutic facial  designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men. This  treatment includes a deep cleansing, extractions, masque and a luxurious  shoulder and hand massage. Specifically addresses sensitivity and razor  burn. *Please shave at least one hour before receiving this treatment.

Back Facial

Back Facial St.  Augustine FL | Back Facial St. Johns FL

$75- 45Min

A  back facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for  the back. Back facials utilize many of the techniques used in skin  treatments for the face, and intend to clarify and soften the skin of  the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave  you  with a healthy, glowing back. Back facials for both men and women  are available, in a wide range of formulations which target specific  skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back. 

Chemical Peel Add Ons

Chemical Peels St. Augustine FL | Chemical Peels St. Johns FL


Choose any of these options to be added to your facial.

GloEnzyme Peel  $10

The  GloEnzyme peel is specifically geared for clients with sensitive and/or  reactive skin. This is a great beginner peel that can be done on a  regular basis. GloEnzyme will treat dehydrated, photo-damaged, aging  skin and minimal acne. Featuring an exfoliant with fruit enzymes and  salicylic acid help break down dead cells for smoother skin.  

Lactic Peel $20

Glo Lactic Peel is excellent for re-texturing acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, environmentally damaged, and dehydrated skin. Glo  Therapies has extracted L+ Lactic Acid to inhibit cell regeneration  while replenishing skin with much needed hydration. Lactic Acid is  naturally present in our skin allowing Lactic Peel to work from the  inside out, enabling the skin to slough off the deadened skin layers and  stimulate fresh, healthy skin cells. 


Glycolic 30% /Salicylic 30% - $20

Salicylic  Acid Peels are a category of advanced  skin rejuvenation treatments  that aid in reversing damaged skin due to factors such as aging, sun  exposure and acne. They are oil soluble making them appropriate for oily  skin in need of deep pore cleansing. Clients who have facial blemishes,  wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation will benefit from a Salicylic  Acid Peel.

Glycolic 60%  - $25

Repairs  and regenerates skin. A versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant  appropriate for most skin types, effectively aids oily, problematic  skin.Improves the appearance of lines, uneven tone and texture.

Jesnner 14% - $30

A  synergy of effective acids designed to have a transformative effect,  reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. By providing the  strongest level of exfoliation within the glō∙therapeutics line, this  versatile treatment creates dramatic change in the skin.


A healing and relaxing experience

Swedish Massage St. Johns FL | Swedish Massage St. Augustine FL

Our  Massage Therapists  have mastered  the art of applying structured or   unstructured pressure, tension and motion to the soft tissues of the   body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints,   lymphatic vessels and organs of the gastrointestinal system to achieve  a  response. A beneficial response.   The surest benefit of Indulge  Salon Shoppe & Spa massages is the relaxation  of both body, mind  and soul.We are a high end massage therapy establishment in St. Augustine FL and St. Johns FL.

Custom Massage

Swedish Massage St. Augustine FL | Swedish Massage St. Johns FL

Traditional  Swedish massage is blended with complimentary Deep Tissue techniques to  create a customized treatment tailored to meet your needs. Stretching  hot towels, hot stones may be used to loosen joints and reduce muscle  tension even further.  The intensity of pressure is decided by you. Feel  free to request more or less pressure at any time during the massage.  Sessions may include a touch of the therapist's specialties &  aromatherapy to enhance your relaxation. 

120 Minutes  - $165

90 Minutes  - $125

60 Minutes  - $85

30 Minutes  - $55

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage St. Augustine FL | Deep Tissue Massage St. Johns FL

Deep  Tissue Massages access the deeper, underlying layers of muscle  to help  relieve pain and inflammation.  Deep Tissue Massage is a massage  technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

90 Min - $115

60 Min  - $85

30 Min - $60

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage St. Augustine FL  |  Hot Stone Massage St. Johns FL

Hot  Stone Massage Therapy is a luxurious and beneficial therapy that uses  warm basalt stones to massage your body. Other warm stones may be placed  on energy chakras or on areas of tension to allow the heat to penetrate  deeply into the tissues. Hot Stone Massage Therapy is deeply relaxing.

90 Min  - $130+

60 Min  - $110+

Pre-Natal Massage


• Only after third trimester • Prenatal massages help expecting moms to  relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility,  and just make you feel good.  Carrying a baby inside you changes your  center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal  muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that  your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling  your pelvis forward. 

60 Min  - $85


Why Should You Choose Us?


  • We do not cut corners on the quality of products that we use for  both, services and sanitation.  We  take hygiene very seriously.  We do  not cut corners when it comes to  meeting health & regulation rules  and requirements.  
  • We offer a private , elegant and relaxing environment.
  • We use original high end products such as:  OPI, CND Shellac, OPI, Essie

Our Pedicures

Best Nail Salon St. Augustine FL  |  Best Nail Salon St. Johns FL

Basic  Pedicure | 30 Min  - $30

This  is an express service.  If you keep up with your pedicures regularly  and are short in time, schedule a maintenance basic pedi to keep those  feet pretty!​Our  basic pedicure includes soaking with mineral salts, nail shaping, basic  cuticle & callous maintenance & your choice of OPI, ESSIE or CND  Vinylux seasonal nail polish as well as a hydrating finishing butter.

Spa Pedicure  | 60 Min  - $45

If  your feet are in need of extra TLC, a Spa Pedi is what you need...Give  those dry, tired feet some love and upgrade your basic pedicure by  adding an exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, paraffin & hot towels  and a longer massage with massage oils. 

Our Manicures

Best Nail Salon St. Augustine FL  |  Best Hair Salon St. Johns FL

Basic Manicure  | 30 Min - $20

This is an express service for those of you who don't have much time but need to get those hands looking pretty! ​Our  basic manicure includes cuticle soak, nail shaping, basic cuticle  maintenance,  & your choice of OPI, ESSIE or CND Vinylux seasonal  nail polish as well as a hydrating finishing hand lotion.

Spa Manicure |     45Min - $30

Add  a description about this itemYou deserve a little extra TLC! Upgrade  your  basic manicure by adding an exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask,  paraffin bath & heated mittens therapy for deeper hydration.  Your  hands will love you!

Nail Services Add Ons

  • CND Shellac Hands $10 (add 15 minutes)​Feet $15 (add 15 minutes)
  • Shellac Removal  $5 (add 15 minutes)
  • Nail Art $3+ per nail (add 2 minutes per nail)​
  • French Tips $10 (add 15 minutes)
  • Polish Change Only  - Regular Polish  $10 color, French $15  - ​Gel Polish $15 color, French $20


The best eyelash extensions in St. Augustine FL | NOVALASH | SHAVASANA

Eyelash Extensions NovaLash St. Augustine FL |  Eyelash Extensions NovaLash St. Johns FL


  • Featured brands: Shavasana & Novalash
  • Variety of  soft and high quality synthetic fibers that  emulate the look and feel of a natural lash.
  • These are semi permanent eye lash extensions that can stay on up to 2 full Months with proper care and maintenance. 
  • SENIOR TECHNICIAN: $300- Full Set  ( Plan for 1.5  for this appointment)
  • JUNIOR TECHNICIAN: $200- Full Set  ( Plan for 2 hrs  for this appointment)
  • $75-  Fill In (Plan for 1 hr within 3 to 4 weeks of initial full set installation)

Save $50!

Eyelash Extensions  Promotions St. Augustine FL, St. Johns FL: Save $50 on your first full set!

Eyelash and Brow Tint

Enhance your brows or lashes with tinting.

Brow Tint  | Lash Tint  $25+

Our Commitment To Sanitation

Hair Removal Waxing St. Augustine FL | Hair Removal Body Waxing St. Johns FL


  • All equipment used is  thoroughly cleaned and dried after use and be kept in a clean and dry condition.
  • We  only use clean towels or other types of linen used for  covering or  protection during the waxing procedure.  Linens are  washed  in detergent  and hot water.
  • To prevent cross contamination,  the  wax and any instrument used  to apply the wax (such as a spatula) must  be immediately disposed after  completing the procedure (no double  dipping).

Facial Waxing

Face Wax, Facial Hair Removal St. Augustine FL |  Facial Waxing St. Johns FL

Brow Wax  | $15+

Lip Wax  |  $15+

Chin Wax  | $15+

Face Wax | $30+

Nose Wax  | $5+

Prices  published serve as a baseline.  Additional charges may apply depending  on product used and time required to complete the service.

Body Waxing

Under Arm Wax  |  $25+

Half Arm  | $25+

Full Arm Wax  | $40+

Half Leg Wax  | $35+

Full Leg Wax  | $55+

Toes Wax  | $5

Hands Wax  | $20+

Shoulder Wax  | $40+

Chest Wax  | $50+

Back Wax  | $65+

Bikini Wax  | $35+

Brazilian Wax  | $50

Prices  published serve as a baseline.  Additional charges may apply depending  on product used and time required to complete the service.


Permanent Makeup St. Augustine FL | Permanent Makeup St. Johns FL

Nouveau Image Now at Indulge!

Terri  Rampone from Nouveau Image  is now partnering with Indulge Salon Shoppe  & Spa as a third-party service provider  to deliver world-class  permanent makeup services to our Indulge clientele.

Terri  is Board Certified and a Diplomat of the American Academy of   Micropigmentation, the organization that regulates and oversees all   industry standards. She trained under the guidance of Rose Marie   Beauchemin of the world famous Beau Institute of Permanent and   Corrective Cosmetics. Terri is also certified from the Beau Institute  to  perform Areola Complex and Scar Camouflage through permanent  cosmetics.  Terri is certified annually by the Federal OSHA Blood Borne  Pathogen  Standard.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent  makeup is a form of cosmetic  tattooing that enhances or corrects  features in your face or body. Permanent makeup refers to the art and  science of applying  pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.  

What Services are Offered?


  • Eyebrows: Using the advanced microblading technique, you can have   full, even eyebrows that look more natural than an eyebrow pencil. This   procedure can add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows.   Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and lend expression to your face.   Those with Alopecia are grateful for this "face defining" procedure.
  • Eyeliner (upper and lower): It can be difficult to get a perfect   line on one eye and then match the other eye, so permanent eyeliner on   the upper eyelid and/or lower eyelid can save you a lot of time and   frustration. Permanent  eyeliner can be anything from a soft haze to a  darker more defined  effect. With this   procedure, you always way up  looking your best. This  is the perfect answer for those with  allergies, contacts, movement, eye  problems, or simply to save time.
  • Lip Liner: If the edges of your lip blur into the surrounding  skin,  permanent lip liner can create a defined border that enhances the  shape  of your lips and stops lipstick from bleeding or feathering.  Permanent  Lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as  well as  correct an uneven lip line. It can even minimize the appearance  of  wrinkles. Pigment can create a natural tone or a more visible  color.
  • Full Lips: To boost pale lips or ensure that your signature lip   color is always ready, full lip cosmetic tattooing can look great alone   or be changed with lipstick.
  • Areaola Restoration: Areola  Restoration creates color in the  areola and nipple area for a more  natural looking breast, correcting  the color and circle definition to  provide a more natural look.

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